Top Chef’s Culinary Institute has an Education Partners relationship with Swedish based EVS Hotel-Pro E Learning, adding Internationally accredited world class Hospitality related Diploma and Certificate courses to the well-established Culinary Institute.

One of our Key Principle Goals has been to help Vocational Educators take their skills to the next level and grow their businesses, because this can be incredibly valuable to the educators teaching the next generation of growth professionals.
We look forward to bringing even more schools on board to ensure students are fully prepared with the skills they’ll need in the workplace.
Through the program, educators have access to:
  •  Full EVS Hotel-Pro Marketing Support
  •  Syllabi, exercises, certifications, and lectures that they can integrate into their business.
  • Networking with Industry Professionals
One-on-one curriculum planning help from in-country EVS Hotel-Pro Support personnel.
To learn more about EVS Hotel-Pro E Learning Education Partner Program and find out how to become a partner. Visit