Computer Applications


No of sessions : 6

Introduction to ICT is your gateway to thriving in the digital world. It equips you with essential skills like digital literacy, effective communication, and problem-solving, ensuring you’re a confident and capable digital citizen. It’s a must-have in today’s job market, making it invaluable for your future success.

MS – Windows Operating Systems
Learning Microsoft Windows Basics is like mastering the foundation of digital navigation. It’s your ticket to confidently using computers and sets you up for success in a tech-driven world, whether at school, work, or in daily life.

Managing Files, Folders & Drives.
Managing Files, Folders & Drives is like tidying up your digital life. It helps you stay organized, find what you need quickly, and ensures your digital world is efficient and secure. These skills are essential for academic success and professional productivity

Word Processing
Word Processing, including an introduction, features, and usage of word processors, is your creative toolkit. It empowers you to craft professional documents, essays, and reports efficiently. These skills are vital for academic excellence and a standout professional edge.

Internet & Email
Internet & Email, covering composing, attaching, downloading, saving, and sending documents, is your digital communication mastery. It connects you to endless knowledge and enables seamless communication. These skills are essential for academic success and professional networking.

Total No of Hours per session : 2


No of sessions : 9

MS – PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint, with its introduction and applicability in the industry, is your key to impactful presentations. It enables you to communicate ideas, proposals, and reports effectively, regardless of your field. These skills are universally valuable, boosting your professional competence and opening doors to success in any industry.

MS – Excel
MS – Excel, with its introduction and application of Excel sheets in the industry, is your indispensable tool for data management and analysis. It empowers you to organize information, perform complex calculations, and make data-driven decisions crucial for success in any industry. Excel proficiency is a valuable asset that enhances your efficiency, accuracy, and competitiveness in the professional world.

MS – Publisher or Adobe PageMaker / Illustrator
Learning MS – Publisher or Adobe PageMaker/Illustrator, including their introduction, application, and graphic design skills, is like unlocking a world of creative possibilities. These tools empower you to craft visually appealing documents, marketing materials, and graphics with precision and style. Whether you’re in design, marketing, or any field, mastering these tools enhances your ability to communicate ideas effectively and create eye-catching visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Internet & Email
Proficiency in working, saving, and organizing data using Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Drive in the context of Internet & Email is a digital game-changer. These tools enable seamless collaboration, data management, and document organization in the digital world. Mastering them enhances your efficiency, fosters collaboration, and ensures your digital workspace is streamlined and accessible from anywhere, empowering you to thrive in the digital age.

Total No of Hours per session : 2