Our Internship Program

The students at Top Chefs after having completed the first academic and practical Module go for their first Industrial attachment. The aim of this is that they can get another most valuable work experience to further their knowledge and skill.
Being attached to a catering operation means that they get the real-life experience so much needed to formulate their career to the Best.
During this time they will understand the operating system of a kitchen and the interrelation of the various Food & Beverage Departments namely, Purchasing – Service – Stewarding.
They will see and experience the interaction of various work sections within the Kitchen such as Sauce – Vegetable – Cold Kitchen and Pastry & Bakery.
  • will hone their skill They and take part in a day-to-day on food preparation.
  • Learn more styles of Food plating and about Food Service in Restaurants.
In a large catering operation, they will also understand how the various Restaurant kitchens and Food outlets operate successfully under the same roof.
The day-to-day professional challenge of a Chef is never the same as the day prior-. The many different Recipes and Menus, the various Themes of various functions, and the various Service styles ranging from A la Carte service to Buffet service, Special Meals, and Room Service Meal requests.


To achieve the daily task is a test of the chef’s ability to organize well, multitask and be creative!
Whilst at Top Chefs we give them the very important basis to play their part and learn the industrial In training that can never be taught ……… It must be experienced !
It requires a lot since even after successful completion of their course they find themselves in other quiet different establishments like Cruise liners, Convention Centers etc.
Besides, it gives every student the basis for further studies in Food & Beverage -, Hotel and Restaurant Management positions…….. to become a Success!