Consultancy Services

Our Service is an expert driven undertaking to give Restaurant and Hotel owners and Chefs guidance and advise of how to improve the Kitchen operation in regards to Efficiency , Food management , Food Cost -Control , Food Standards , Menu offer, Staff training etc.

Kitchen Operation Analysis

This is done as a first step for all work and training Sessions which are held at your catering premises. The assessment is done in a systematic fashion and a small report is given with a proposal of priorities of how to deliver our service. The charge of the Analysis is Ksh. 5000 per hour ( max. 2 hours) . A few days after, we will give you a report and suggest the way forward . Based on the mode of Consultancy Service agreed upon, we send you a quotation.

Menus : Concept, Design & Planning

The Menu of any Catering operation is the benchmark for what your Food offer is to be in regards to Cuisine , Clientele , Food Standard , Marketing etc. Our Team members will explain and assist in planning a respective Menu based on your type of operation.

Recipe Development, Costing & Pricing

The continuous success of the dishes on the Menu are based on the standard recipes. Besides it forms the basic of Portion Control, Menu cost and the approach to Menu item pricing. This will ensure Guests get value for money. The Chefs at the same time have a uniform approach to cookery and Guests service.

Staff Training Courses

The following Courses can be taught at your premises or at our Institute :

Hygiene & Food Safety :

This covers : Personal Hygiene , Food Hygiene , Kitchen Hygiene Bacteriology , Food spoilage , Hygiene of Kitchen Equipment , Overall Kitchen Hygiene. Written Handouts will be given and supported by our Picture Show.

The 13 Cooking Methods :

Each of these will be physically shown with Food Samples by our Training Chef with emphasis on correct application .

Kitchen Cost Control :

This Course is designed to get familiar with all cost in regards to production (food Cost) , to understand Operating Costs . The sessions are designed to make the participants aware of how cost can be controlled and waste and loss be avoided.

Pastry and Bakery Refresher Courses – for individuals or small groups .

This is a course whereby Specific Preparations and Dishes can be demonstrated and practiced at our premises under the supervision of the Pastry Lecturer.

Computer Training & -Packages

The Training will focus on Catering Staff how to make
Best use of the IT hard- and software on the job. Coaching can be can be at our Computer Training Room by our IT Teacher . Programs can be individually designed based on the Learners / Institution’s request.

Kitchen Design

Many Kitchens in part fall short of an ideal lay out, the respective equipment and facilities which are essential to achieve day to day product efficiency and product standard. For New – to build or existing Kitchens both are part of our Service delivery. We have designed several kitchens in Kenya having worked as a Team with Architects and Equipment Suppliers.

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