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Pastry & Bakery Course ~Next intake 3rd July, 2017.

Chefs Course:~ Next Intake 2nd April 2018

Online application procedure

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Welcome to Top Chefs Culinary Institute!

We are a specialized school for professional chefs, providing day-to-day practical, as well as theoretical classes in the Culinary Arts. If your dream is to become a chef then Top Chefs Culinary Institute can help make that dream a reality.

Imagine a career that let's you enjoy what you do and puts you in demand in a creative and enjoyable job market. That's the future that can be yours with us. Top Chefs Culinary Institute is recognised as a top ranked culinary arts school in Kenya, located in westlands, Nairobi. We will prepare you to meet the challenges of today's catering industry. Let us start your career!!

Our Philosophy ...

The Institutes first concern in all its undertakings is Quality. In a friendly but firmly guided environment we will assist and counsel our students in the development of their professional aspirations.

The Institute will ensure that,after successful completion of the Course, our graduates will have acquired the appropriate skills to enable them to apply for suitable positions in any professional food production operation throughout the world.


Our common Passion..."FOOD".... Food with Skill,Knowledge & Creativity to Excellence!


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Top Chefs Culinary Institute Top Chefs Culinary Institute