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Courses offered:

  •  Diploma in International Culinary Arts
    The aim of the IMI Diploma is to offer students who wish to begin working at supervisory level within the industry,a comprehensive hospitality management education.
  • Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts
    The Higher Diploma is the third semester of four leading to the Bachelor of Arts with Honours Degree. It is equivalent to the third year at the university.
  • Higher Diploma in European Culinary Management
    This specialist Higher Diploma programme is an advanced professional cookery programme designed to provide a strong theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to work in a professional culinary environment.You will also learn tranferable management skills to manage a professional kitchen.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in European Culinary Arts
    This follows the Higher Diploma in European Culinary Management and is designed to further improve your culinary skills and prepare you to manage a culinary department 
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel and Events Management
    This course is perfect if you have considerable work experience but lack the academic background to progress in your chosen career
  • BA in International Hospitality Management
    If you already have qualifications and experience in hospitality and are looking to progress to senior management, this MBA will ensure that you are perfectly prepared to secure those top jobs
  • BA in International Hotel, Health and Spa Management
    This is the second of our short, intensive MBAs specialising in the field of health and spa management. This course was designed due to the need for well qualified, senior management executives in this rapidly growing sector.

    "As Chefs you need to learn to cook but also to manage" Shaun Leonard,Executive Chef and Senior Lecturer in International Culinary Arts.

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